The Greek Island Amorgos- Discover the superb natural beauty

The Spring has sprung, has finally sprung – well kind of. Looking outside just makes me dream about the sunny days by the beach reading a good book wile breathing the fresh air from the sea.
One of my favourite destinations is Greece. I love the traditional blue & white (hm maybe that’s why I love to wear stripes and this simple combination is one my favourites for clothes?!); oh the delicious fresh organic food, where the tomato it really tastes like tomato; the smell of pure fresh air; the friendly people… It is a place that makes me want to stay and come back, makes me desire to  visit every single island. Oh they are so many!! Probably the best thing to do would be to sail around for a couple of months. That would be amazing! I do love the well known glamorous Santorini or the party island Mykonos, but I also like to escape from the massive tourist areas to enjoy my moments of tranquility and discover high gems that are well known just by the greeks and a few people.
Last Summer I went to explore the  island of Amorgos, another piece of paradise on earth, with beaches where you don’t find more then ten people or if you are an explorer you can find your own private unique beach. Can’t wait to explore more greek islands this upcoming summer 🙂 🙂 🙂
Which one is you favourite greek island?

Have you been to the Microcentro district in Buenos Aires?


I was a very young girl when I watched the movie ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ despite of my age, was and still is one of my favourite movies from the 90’s. I know it’s not everyone’s favourite, but I’m a musical lover. I still remember very well the night I watched the movie at a small theatre with my sister, in a cold rainy night, I even remember how much I cried and closed my eyes when it was Evita Peron’s funeral scene. Back that time, so young, never crossed my mind that one day I could be passing by this magnificent pink Palace.

After, I went for a pray at the Cathedral where I felt wonderful, standing by the general’s San Martin (the hero of Argentine independence) tomb that is guarded by two permanent soldiers and  witnessed the changing of the guards.

The afternoon was followed by a long walk in the world’s longest avenue, adorned by a variety  of shops… Walking this avenue killed my feet, I was completely ‘kaput’ by the end of the day dreaming with a foot massage back at the Duhau Palace.