Tired of the dull skin after a long flight? I have some tips for you

Say ‘Hello’ to perfect Mile-high skin

When I was a teen, one of my dreams was to be a flight  attendant  to have the opportunity to discover the world plus being paid for it – how awesome! In my mind I had  a very glam & fun vision of it: party, party in the most popular capitals or in random beautiful places. But soon I learned that this profession makes you age faster than others do, it didn’t sound good – at all! I’ve been vain since ever. Taking care of me by adopting a more healthy living and a really good skin care regime since a very young age.  I was pretty sure I didn’t want to go through plastic surgery even if I need it (and I still think like that). So, this work career was to be forgotten, but not the desire to explore the world, something I’ve been doing in the last years. It is my addiction!
After becoming an avid traveler I started to notice some skin issues.The dryness in my skin, dulness, Oh Gosh! This looks bad, really bad. I didn’t like how I looked like, even with perfect make up on – I realised after it is not the best to fly.  Also my normal routines could keep the good work, it was driving me crazy. I had to do something about it!
For short flights 1h-3h I don’t get so worried, but honestly I regard all the women that I have seen having flights at 6am with loads of make-up on, eyelashes, and so on – but I don’t have a clue how they look like after a long flight – I guess I am too tired to notice, but still curious to see it closer (but not on my own skin, thanks!)
Now, this days I am fully equipped with a beauty bag. My seat becomes a sanctuary, literarily a ‘home-spa’. First thing I do after being accommodated – and I really don’t care about my neighbours toughs :
-I take my shoes off  and hydrate my feet;
-I wear a special socks with a hydratant gel;
-I remove the little make up I am wearing – having cleansed skin is essential;
– Apply sunscreen;
– I moisturise  my hands and wear my bamboo gloves;
– I wear a silk mask to sleep;
– Every now and then I spray my face with thermal water.
But there is much more to do if you are tired of this dull flight look, I do have more tips to share.
So…this is pretty much what happens to our skin when you are up in the air
The contained, re-circulated and repeatedly filtered air within an aeroplane is incredibly dry – has no humidity. As we breathe this air our bodies become dehydrated from the inside out, and the moisture in your skin is literally being sucked out by pressurised air in the cabin. This evaporation of moisture can leave it feeling dry and looking dull and lacklustre. Plus the stress of travel, jet lag and lack of sleep force the body to go into overdrive and, to cope, it releases the stress hormone cortisol. A nightmare for every skin!
Pre-flight tips:
 – In the days before you travel, use extra moisturiser, especially at night;
 – Increase the amount of water you drink for at least two days before you fly;
– Bring you own beauty bag: a hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer and hand cream to apply throughout the flight;
– Natural look: I am not saying to go all bare face, but for long flights less is definitely more for our beautiful skin. Stick with a bit of mascara and lipgloss.
In-flight tips:
– If using make up on  give your skin a quick cleansing with removing wipes;
– Apply sunscream if flying when flying is sunny outside;
– Lack of sleep can also play havoc with skin during travel. Slip on that eye mask and try to snooze your way to your destination;
– Use an inflatable neck support to avoid cricks;
– Say no to: alcohol, tea and coffee unless you compensate with even more water;
– Avoid the snacks;
– Hydrated your body: drink plenty of water ( I advise you to take the aisle seat:));
– Eat fruit and veggies as much as possible (I always take home made snacks with me to avoid the temptation – and this days is easy to find fruit at the airport);
– Stretch. Move. Walk. In long flights there is always a movie with exercises follow it and stimulate the blood flow which will help increase circulation to help maintain health of skin;
– Compression stockings which increase the pressure around the lower leg and help to prevent clots forming, are also a good idea.
– Continue adding extra moisturiser to your regime, as you did pre-flight;
– Continue to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water;
– I always carry my silk pillow case with me to replace the one from the hotel room (buy one with a strong colour for you don’t leave behind).

So travels, tell me how do you feed your skin when overseas?




Mangonana Fusion Smoothie – vegan & dairy-free

photo 2-2


I hope you all had a nice back holiday, replete of love, fun and sunny spring activities. If there is something that I love about spring is to spend time in the park reading books while my skin is absorbing the warm sun and picnics are a must!  If anyone has delicious clean recopies for picnics, please share, as I am looking for some 🙂

Actually this post is not about picnic delights but about my most recently smoothie that I thought was worthily to share. This delicious and satisfying recipe is my ultimate every now and then drink. Banana paired with mango, is just a tasteful combination, I added a bit of spinach – a way to have more veggies trough the day – but you barely notice them, besides the greenish touch of colour from the smoothie, topped with coconut, hmm so yummy. Hope you like it too.

photo 1-7


  • 300ml coconut milk
  • 1 medium medjol date
  • 3 tbs flaxseed
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1 ripped banana
  • ginger to taste
  • 1 handful spinach
  • Desiccated coconut to sprinkle

Preparation: Blend all together, once in the glass sprinkle the coconut and enjoy it!

BAY LEAVES – Do you use them?

There is something more that I have re-discover during my last trip to Jordan: Bay Leaves.

Since I left my parents house I completely forgot about bay leaves. I remember seeing my mum using it to add flavour to  most of her dishes, and she always kept the dry plant hanging in the pantry, like it was part of the furniture. I already know that it was very common in the Mediteranean, Indian and Nepalese cousins. I liked it, but I never payed too much attention to it until now, where I bought an organic bay leaves bath – with the real leaves.

Once at home I made my research and I learnt the amazing benefits of this plant. Besides the bitter and sharp taste, the reason why we don’t eat it, it’s also used in perfumes due to the similar fragrance to cinnamon and also of its medicinal properties.

I didn’t start to use them on my cookings. What about you, in which recipes do you use them?



– Anti-cancer properties;

– Treatment for menstrual problems;

– Good for digestion;

– Treatment for diabetes;

– Cardiovascular benefits;

– Beneficial during preconception period;

– Cleanses teeth;

– Insect repellent;

– Treatment for cold and infection;

– Treatment for kidney problems;

– Relieves stressed skin;

– Anti-bacterial;

– Anti-fungal;

– Diuretic;

– Anti-inflammatory.

The very hot jordanian Hot Springs benefits


The perfect place to Chill Out

I can feel and see that we are going down, rolling the hill, my hears start to pop due to the pressure, 264 meters below sea level, but I easily forget the pain because I’m amused by the mysterious stone facades, after 20-minutes it starts to get boring, feeling like an eternity.

What a chaos!  There was a queue  and a payable entrance to have access to the Hot Springs. Once inside I’m surrounded by locals, tourists, buses, excursions, traffic, people running, children screaming. No, it doesn’t sounds zen! But wait!  The Hotel Evason Ma’in Hot Springs is close,  just after this caos. What a relief!

The hotel is authentic ethnic chic, cool and natural. The dark wood furnishings is balanced with pastel colours and warm oranges that makes me feel welcome. The first thing I do is to sit on the swing at the lobby where I  contemplate  my surroundings.

I’m given the room with the biggest balcony and a dramatic view to the sulphurous Wadi canyon, the majestic mountains and a glimpse of the waterfall. In the room one of my favourite piece of furniture is the coffee table with a little secret: a chess table. If I get bored I can always play against myself!

And the water…falls

Behind the stone façade and plunging sulphurous waterfall, the Six Sense Spa, takes full advantage of the high minerals rich water and the natural properties of the area. It is a wonderful experience, sitting under the thermal waterfall, letting the stress of life melting away, its so warm! Really, it can goes until 50C, but cool as they fall and filter into a second pool. I loved the fact that I had access day and night (they are open from 8am to midnight) while having the privilege of the view over the canyon. It’s particularly atmospheric at sunset and early morning, when the sun turns the stones into pink. Surprising there is a natural ‘hot cave’ where it can ben enjoyed the most natural ham-am ever!


(PS: click the image for a better reading)

If curious to know more about the benefits read  the study regarding the Jordan Hot Springs:

Have you been there? How was your experience?

Do you know how to float in the Dead Sea?


There is something special about the Dead Sea

Although the Dead Sea may be biologically dead, it maintains its historical ability to nourish the mind and body through its therapeutic qualities. Life may not be sustainable within its waters, but it most certainly thrives along its shores.­

Walking trough the rocky path to have access to a small shore lined with salt crystals rocks and other minerals surrounded by a rich aqua marine colour and emerald at its edges, straddles the borders of Jordan and Israel, as a view I could look up at the mystical city Jerusalem that lies behind the mountains on the other side, I have discovered that the Dead Sea is in fact a saline soup where is so easy (well not at the first try) to float.

There is no outflow; and the exceptionally high rate of evaporation produces large quantities of raw chemicals which are used world wide in medicine, agriculture and industry.

Floating is effortlessly due to its concentration of minerals, which is the highest in the world, but entering in the Dead Sea has its own science. When I arrived, I had no clue what to do and how to do it. My first minutes at the Dead Sea, I spent it looking at others who were already floating and waited to see someone getting inside to learn how to do it. Even after, I felt like an idiot, trying to immerse in the emerald waters. I thought I just needed to lay back, but is not as easy as it looks. But no worries, is just like that for the first time, after that you relax and have loads of fun!

After I managed to float, I laid still in the water comtempling the silence, the view, breathing the most pure dry oxygen-rich on earth and absorbing the most therapeutic sunlight on my skin.* And no, I didn’t take the journal for the famous picture floating reading souvenir., but I do have another ones. Out of the water I began to feel the benefits. The salty water makes my skin feel rejuvenated. Washing the salt off under the shower I get  my skin ready to welcome the natural mud that is right there, pure and fresh inside the ceramic pots provided by the hotel.


What experts says:

‘Experts believe it’s not just the mineral composition of the Dead Sea that clears the skin. Sitting at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is covered by a thick haze that filters out damaging ultraviolet rays but allows therapeutic light to shine down. The filtered sunlight has proven effective in the treatment of psoriasis — and it also means you’ll be less likely to burn.As a result of the unique healing characteristics of the region, the Dead Sea has been recognized as a leading health site.’

Here are some tips to follow before entering the Dead Sea – this is definitely not the place to break the rules –  no worries, after your first dip it will be easy.



Jordan & the health benefits from the lowest point of earth I


I do love to travel. It’s my hobby, my addiction, my H2O. My favourite destinations must include warm weather, sea, beach and a pool. Sometimes I like places with good nightclubs and other times I’m in the mood for something more zen. Now, my favourite destination for a zen moment is Jordan. There’s something special about this country that makes me want to come back every year.

Despite the amazing cultural and Biblical history that Jordan offers, there’s much more beyond that. That includes: relaxation, hot springs and all the natural benefits from the Dead Sea minerals. Of course I could buy some of this products but it’s hard to find 100% natural so for maximum benefits, however, what’s better then going straight to the source?!

The Dead Sea area is warm even in the winter (expect chilly nights), making it a perfect destination spot 365 days a year. Spas have indoor pools, including salty water swimming pools, so even if the weather is a bit chilly, you can enjoy it. This is why I always go during the winter, and I choose the party destinations for summer.

So I am going to float  in the dead sea, get muddy and shower under waterfalls!!  If you have the opportunity, it’s better to do it now, before it’s gone in the next 40 years, since is dropping by around a meter per year  😦


On my way to the lowest point on earth 

At the airport a car hire driver is waiting ready to take me on the 80-minute drive towards the magical Dead Sea. It’s Friday – a weekend day – so along the road I see so many families having a pick-nicks and BBQ by the roads, because   they sit on any green space they can find and now in March, it’s already perfect to sit, eat and have fun. 

While driving on the unfinished roads, and passing by dirty villages that looks destroyed from some war, I start to wonder if something is really happening after the rainbow.

In the middle of nowhere, I finally get to the hotel, that from its looks could be a hotel anywhere in the world, no original features. After a long flight I don’t dream about relaxing in my hotel  room, but to go to the Dead Sea as soon as I can. Turning my head around and trying to have a sneak from the windows while checking-in I look out for the sea, but I couldn’t see any water. In my room I put on my beach clothes. Finally I go outside. I can feel the fresh pure air in my lungs, the sun on my skin, the silence…  Now I can relax.  It was a long way to get here. Well, I guess all the precious things  are not easy to get, thats why they are so special.


Delightful Date & Kale Smoothie – Dairy-sugar&banana free

BLOG-DATE+KALESMOOTHIE-PHOTO I have ran out of bananas – let’s call them my  ‘comfort zone’  ingredients in my smoothies. And today I came up with something pretty good I must confess, for a first try. Last Friday I got home very late, I put on my pyjama and ran to the kitchen to prepare a delicious smoothie for dinner when I realised that I had ran out of bananas. I always use banana in my smoothies no mater what. I like it because of the creamy texture and also because it’s a natural sweetener. I confess, it’s disappointing a smoothie without banana.  There is a corner shop just a few minutes walking from my home but its March, still dam cold, and my laziness of changing clothes and going out to the cold was stronger. Looking up online for recipes didn’t sound the best idea, cause would take me some time to find a recipe that would match the ingredients I have at home. I got my brains to work and dared to try something new although I could always boil some veggies for dinner. But also   I didn’t want to wait. I chose some fruit and veggies I had and the result was pretty good and delicious, so I have to share it with you. If you have recipes without banana, please share with me, I would be delighted to try them 🙂 photo-4   Ingredients:

  • 300ml almond (unsweeted)milk
  • 3 -4 medium medjol dates
  • 1/2 cup kale
  • 3 tbs flaxseed
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder
  • 1 medium kiwi
  • Chia seeds to sprinkle (you can omit)
  • Dry mint dash to sprinkle (you can omit)

Preparation: Blend all together and enjoy it!