The Environmental & Vegan Toothbrush

Changing from plastic to eco-friendly, discover the reasons…


I must confess that until I saw a recycled toothbrush on the shelves, I didn’t give it much thought. I usually choose my toothbrush by its looks and its bristles –  never from what it is made, but I have been recycling things since forever, so how come I never thought about tooth brushes before?!

The first time that I saw the recycled toothbrush I didn’t buy it, and when I got back home I couldn’t stop thinking about its simplistic bamboo handle and elegant paper box.  I became curious and wanted to know more about it. I did some research and learnt all about the universe of the toothbrush.

After my research I concluded that the key to perfect oral hygiene doesn’t depend on how many functions the toothbrush has, the types of bristles it has, or even if you can brush your tongue 😉  It all depends on having a good clean diet, and brushing your teeth correctly so they get a good clean.  I also realised how bad my environmental impact was in choosing a plastic toothbrush – I had never given it a 2nd thought that my tooth brush was made with plastic, it was so natural to buy, almost like drinking water…

We should never forget about these small things and their every day impact on the environment. How many toothbrushes have I used in my life?! I have no idea…but they are out there, taking years and years to decompose, and will still be there even when my grandchild is alive 😦  Small things like changing your toothbrush will make a huge difference.  Imagine that on a global scale…

During my eco-friendly toothbrush research I found one in which the bristles are made of sterilised Pig hair.  Yes, that’s right: Pig hair to brush our teeth. What on earth?!?! Sometimes we really have no clue of what we are eating or using, it’s damn disgusting when we get to know the ugly truth.  Anyway…let’s get to the point and that is about something GOOD!

The Envoiramental Tooth brush

This is the one, my first eco toothbrush and I will tell you why…It’s compostable, which means it is made from bamboo, a natural cellulose fibre (100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and non polluting of the environment). The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo means that deforestation is not necessary either. Even the packaging is bio-degradable, well not 100% because the  inner white sleeve that the toothbrush comes in is not recyclable or compostable, and has to go to landfill.  According to the company though, this is as green as they can make it.

Recommendation: Because this is a natural toothbrush, it should be well rinsed and dried after each use.


  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • More durable than oak
  • Smooth finish
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable

This brand also offers three types of bristles: – Medium – Soft – Soft bristle for children

And…what’s the story behind ‘The Giant Panda’? ‘China’s Giant Panda consumes soft bamboo shoots, stems and leaves as its main food source. The Environmental Toothbrush honours the Giant Panda and does not harm their habitat or food sources. The type of bamboo used to create the bamboo toothbrushes is the high Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys Pubescens), which has no leaf growth on the first 5 metres of the stem and therefore does not serve as a food source for the Giant Panda or the small panda.’

Where to buy:  Harveste8 Amazon




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