A organic vegan chick in Roma – Where to eat

After my last post regarding my trip to Roma I received many messages saying how hard would be to keep my organic vegan diet in Italy. But at the same time I also received some delicious suggestions that I have tried, even like that I didn’t had time to try all (Thank you guys). Some people that I meet personally always made a face like: where the hell are we going to eat?! Honestly I don’t understand why people make a great deal about this, I see this the same like when choosing a Michelin star or the best restaurants in town. Happens that not everyone likes the same vegan or not, they always have their preferences, and they make an effort to eat what they fancy, so with me is the same. I just don’t eat at any restaurant by the corner (but I have been always like that even before becoming vegan).
I had pin all the places on the map to make my life easier when I was becoming hungry, but when exploring the cities I also have found new places that didn’t made part of my list.  I can say that was pretty easy to keep my food and diet standards. Plus I also didn’t fell any temptation by the delicious smell of pizza, pasta or gelato that you can buy in every single door. Oh and I must confess that one of the days I had four gelatos, from different gelatarias – yes, all vegans – and if I wanted I could had more (greedy! eheh)

If you visiting Roma this route can help you to make better choices, hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂



Delicious mediterranean food

A rustic small restaurant, owned by Roberto and Alexandra, they don’t let you down with the service and the offer of veggie dishes, even so is not a specialised in vegan, but in mediterranean italian food, it is simple, tasty and with good quality.

Taverna Vegetariana

Vegetarian & Vegan

The first vegetarian restaurant in town, made for the italians taste. I am saying this because some of the dishes can be a bit spicy, something traditional in the Roman cousin. So if you go there, and you are not used or don’t like spicy food, ask before you order or you will have a spicy surprise, as they don’t mention it on the ingredients.

Pasticceria Gelateria dei Gracchi

Vegan natural gelato


Home made gelato, made only with the seasonal fruit, is completely natural and free of preserves, colorants. They have regular ice-cream and also a really nice exquisite selection of flavours completely vegan (only egg free is also available). They have a few shops around the town, so I end up eating more from this brunch, I always repeated the dark chocolate or dark chocolate with rum mixed with other two different flavours like apple and mint, apple and cinnamon, coconut or wild berries. On my last day when searching for one of the shops, I asked directions to a italian lady that took me until there, she was afraid that I could miss the spot, on our way she kept talking about how she loves their gelato, and that she’s only eats from there, and how I understand her 🙂

Fa Bio

Customised salads & sandwiches on the go


Its tiny tiny, the queue starts earlier (12:30pm) seats just a few in side, but all this is worth to have an amazing super casual bio lunch. On the queue I found tourists, locals, people who were just passing by, no one stay indiferent to this cosy place. Inside a selection of salads, swandiches, juices and smoothies made with the best bio ingredients in town, made to order, everything looks good! I had a huge salad and I was completely satisfied for hours and hours, plus Fabio and Claudio are extremely lively.

At Restaurant

Casual fast food

I was lost on my way to Fontana de Trevi, and so happy for that, because I come across with this natural  food restaurant. Smoothies, salads, fruit and vegan gelato. They have a great variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes just like a fast food place but with healthy fast food choices. With two doors open to the Plaza where you can see and absorve the italian atmosphere and vibration during the lunch time. A place where you only find locals.
Its small, cosy and friendly (with free wifi). I had a delightful smoothie with dates, vanilla and almonds and after of course I had to try their gelato: coco and papaya, what a surprisingly combination.

In Salata Ricca

Organic jumbo salads

Delicious JUMBO salads, that I couldn’t finish mine! With a extended salad menu for vegans or non vegans, plus they also have other dishes suitable for every diet. Everyone will be happy. Perfect for a casual lunch or dinner sitting outside. You can find the branch all over the city, whats perfect.



Raw chocolate

I really had to visit this place, since they say they are the first vegan chocolaterie, pasticiere and geletaraia in the world. I do love chocolate, as I have mention many times before, and I even make my own home made chocolate, although I never had a real raw chocolate before, and when I started making mines at home I had no clue how it should taste and how the texture should be. But I never had doubts how tasteful is my home made chocolate (plus looks good). After taste the Grezzo chocolate what is dam good, I notice that is very similar to mine as for taste and texture (what made me really proud) . It is a minimal, silk place with a few banchs to savour their vegan gellato, I had coffee and hazelnut, and after  I wanted more 🙂 They also have cakes, but I didn’t try but they really look delicious.



Fior di Luna

Another organic place where you can find a few vegan flavours and also sells other biologic food products. Situated in the beautiful area of the Piazza Trilussa, perfect to eat wile walking and enjoying this neighbourhood that looks like a small tuscany village.


I love the decor of this place. Kitsch, stylish, unique. Offers a great selection of wines and also a good – but small – buffet with a good selection of delicious veggies.

KM 0

I didn’t try this one, because I didn’t went back to this neighbourhood, but what I can tell is that looks nice, only uses organic food and is vegan friendly. Give it a try and let me know who it is 🙂

Ferrara Restaurant
This is not a vegan specialised restaurant, but one of the oldest Enotecas in Rome with a really good reputation. You can always go for a tasty salad and of course you can’t miss their ‘vino’ selection – the main reason to visit them – relax… let the time goes by, enjoy the moment, the people and the music in the streets.


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